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I have a <select> that depending on previous options is populated by a var with a bunch of <option> values.

Naturally, because IE doesn't work with innerHTML I have to append this template to the <select> which now works great in IE. HOWEVER I now need a way to clear out the select options from the previous search and in FF stop it from dropping down to the last <option> in the list.

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I have a that depending on previous options is populated by a var with a bunch of values. -- that "sentence" is undecipherable –  Pointy Oct 18 '10 at 0:29

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Just rewrite the entire select block using innerHTML, that always works.

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Foolproof way of clearing out the options from a <select>:

while( select_control.length > 0 )
     select_control.options[0] = null

Some browsers will clear the list if you do select_control.length = 0 but I've found this unreliable.

Foolproof way of inserting option:

var new_option = new Option(text, value)
try {
    select_control.add(new_option, select_control.options[0])
} catch(e) {
    select_control.add(new_option, 0)

The 0 is the index of the item you want your item before. To add it to the end, do this instead:

select_control.options[select_control.length] = new_option

This will also work if you want to replace a specific item, by specifying the index of an existing option.

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That's some good information, however I found that running new Option 100 times in a loop locks IE up on some computers. –  user103219 Oct 18 '10 at 21:04
Okay, I hadn't encountered that bug! I normally only want to add one or two. If I have a whole list to repopulate, I would instead normally render each list and fiddle with the CSS display attribute to just show the correct one. (Of course, the server side has to know to look at the correct form element, too.) –  staticsan Oct 18 '10 at 23:02
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Well using YUI3:

    node.setContent(template); //removes old children, sets new template as content.
    node.set('selectedIndex', 0); //forces FF to select the first one

Edited with correct methods.

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