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I Would prefer not to use javascript if that's possible but a jquery solution would be fine too. I'd appreciate any help.

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target="_blank" wont do the trick? – Shoban Oct 18 '10 at 4:13

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I think this entirely depends on the user preferences in a browser.

You can set the target attribute for a hyperlink to be _blank. Like

<a href="someurl" target="_blank">Click me</a>

But this also depends on the user settings in a browser, whether to open this in a new window or tab.

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<a href="url" target="_blank"> Click here </a> - Should open it in a new blank tab.

Only thing here is that target="_blank" has been deprecated by W3C - which generally means it's up to the users preferences in the browser.

Here is an example of using javascript - if you really need to check against the W3C validator.

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*deprecated not depreciated?? – Matt Phillips Oct 18 '10 at 4:39
@controlfreak123 - Ooops - Fixed. – Tim Oct 18 '10 at 4:46

target="_blank" is what can be used. There is no HTML spec item to specify opening in a tab vs in a new window.

[for _blank] a new browsing context is being requested, and what happens depends on the user agent's configuration and/or abilities


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