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What is a glyph and what do we use it for especially in context of silverlight and xaml?

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Glyphs are a low-level depiction of a character to be drawn on-screen. A good article on them is available on MSDN: Introduction to the GlyphRun Object and Glyphs Element.

Posting a link for you read, I think it is better than simply rehashing the information in my answer (it has pictures and links for further reading).

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"This topic is no longer available" -- this is why we like to see rehashing of the information instead of links :) – David Božjak Sep 4 '15 at 10:34
Thanks @DavidBožjak. I've updated the link. It appears MSDN changed their routes so the link now requires the version information as part of the url e.g. (v=VS.100). When you see the content, you'll understand why it wasn't copied into the answer. – Dennis Sep 5 '15 at 7:55

See the following MSDN article for info on Glyphs:

you can also see more examples here:

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