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Now I need to create a data-mining task of my own.I already talked to some people,the most popular ideas would be price prediction or sport result prediction,which I think there are already plenty of people implementing them. So could anyone give me some real-life ideas please that you found data-mining may be of use,like predicting what the customer would like to buy based on what they already purchased in a supermarket. Any idea would be welcomed,thanks in advance.

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I found data mining useful when conducting link-click analysis on websites. This information was used to optimize the user-experience by fine-tuning the most appriciated navigation through the site.

It related to very-specific links and 'classes' of links such as "small item description" and "large item title"

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Finding a source of data that can be easily parsed is key, there are quite a few cool data sets out there, check out statlib for a few. One of the more popular data mining applications these days is visualization. You can take a large (but not too large) dataset where each element is related to each other in some way and use dimensionality reduction algorithms to visualize it. Algorithms like multi-dimensional scaling (MDS), ISOMap, maximum variance unfolding (MVU), and structure preserving embedding can create 2D (or 3D) representations of the data.

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