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Iam using a dropdown list ,in that am having 4 values ,the following are my values

  • Uk-L1
  • Us-L1B
  • Aus-BUssness
  • Uk-HSMP

and here i need to choose the a particular value as a selected index ,and i did that for a exact value and in my requirement i will pass only the values after that '-' .so that i need get the value to be selected and here am using the following code to select it is not working can any one help for this.


DropList.SelectedIndex = DropList.Items.IndexOf(DropList.Items.FindByValue("L1"));


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You could try setting the selected value:

DropDown.SelectedValue = DropDown.Items
    .Where(l => l.Value.EndsWith("-L1B"))

And if you want to check if the value exists before (the First() extension method will throw an exception if the value is not found):

var item = DropDown.Items
    .Where(l => l.Value.EndsWith("-L1B"))

DropDown.SelectedValue = (item != null) ? item.Value : null;
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Thanks you dude works fine – Prabhakaran Oct 18 '10 at 7:37
This saves so much hassle! – Jamie Taylor Mar 6 '13 at 12:30

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