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I'm using flex 3.

I've successfully played video and audio files by using following libraries:


Live docs link.

But the limitations are as follow:

  1. Video class can be used to play only flv file format.
  2. To play mp3 files I must use audio file.

So can I play most of the famous audio/video files by using single method?

Well by checking the file type we can some how achieve it. Then I should create a component for that.

So can any one suggest me such ready-made components? or is there any other alternatives to play audio/video files?

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You want to play any video/audio formats in flash? (Almost) impossible. ActionScript libraries will not help you - ActionScript has not enough power to decompress video in realtime. Maybe this is possible with Alchemy, but I haven't seen codecs implemented this way... Usually, people are converting their content to FLV which is played by Flash player natively.

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Okay may be we can play only flv files. but for mp3 files I'd still like to display waves. Is it possible? how? –  Vikas Oct 18 '10 at 7:49
Google "play mp3 flash", ten top results. –  alxx Oct 18 '10 at 8:02

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