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I found one jQuery plugin (tipsy) to display tooltip below

In link above i could see that manually triggered tooltip is working as designed. I copied the page, and save it locally, as tipsy.htm (together with auto-generated tipsy_files). Again, is still working.

Once I copied tipsy.htm & tipsy_files to /public directory of my Rails app. All tipsy features are still working , but NOT for manually triggered tooltip.

Any idea?


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It is working fine in IE7 btw, above is observed at FireFox 3.6 – iwan Oct 18 '10 at 7:42
Check the JavaScript console of FF for errors. – Aaron Digulla Oct 18 '10 at 7:53

Don't do it like that. Saving a webpage locally could alter the page and the files its links to.

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Create your own page.
  3. Include the jQuery library in your page.
  4. Then include the plugin js file.
  5. Include the CSS file for the plugin or write your own.
  6. Follow the instructions for usage and create your html and JS for the tooltips.
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+1. Really good point – rahul Oct 18 '10 at 7:52

I found that the latest version of tipsy 0.1.7 (from jquery plugin tipsy project) is not actually the latest copy (perhaps the developer forgot to update?) - without the trigger functionality.

The latest copy is actually on the website itself, which is

Copy the js, css (remember to edit the image path), and tipsy.gif

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I realised the latest code is hosted at github ( rather than the old jquery project page ( – Desmond Lua Jun 2 '11 at 7:44

Check the JavaScript console of Firefox for errors. That should give you an idea why it fails.

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Check if you used live option too. live option does not work with manual trigger!

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