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I am using free Telerik.Web.Mvc grid and following this example:

My Issue:

I am populating the grid with search results after user input some data and submit with a search button In the DetailView() method I reference my 'SearchQuote_QuotesForHierarchyAjax' method, which is in defined in my Controller when DetailView executes data should be fetched, but this controller action does not execute for me.

If i load the grid first time page loads it execute. but not when the grid is loaded in a search button click

The Code in my project:

My SearchQuote.aspx View looks like this

  <%= Html.Telerik().Grid(Model.QuoteSummaryList)
    .Columns(columns =>
        columns.Bound(q => q.QuoteId).Title("Quote #").Width(50);
        columns.Bound(q => q.AxiomId).Title("Axiom Id").Width(180);

     .ClientEvents(events => events.OnRowDataBound("quotes_onRowDataBound"))
    .DetailView(details => details.ClientTemplate(
        .Name("Quotes_<#= QuoteId #>")
        .Columns(columns =>
            columns.Bound(o => o.PositionCode).Width(101);
            columns.Bound(o => o.Group).Width(140);
        .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax()
        .Select("SearchQuote_QuotesForHierarchyAjax", "SearchQuote", new
        {quoteid ="<#= QuoteId #>"}))
    .DataBinding(dataBinding => dataBinding.Ajax()
                                .Select("SearchQuote_Select", "SearchQuote"))
    .Pageable(p => p.PageSize(3))
<script type="text/javascript">

function expandFirstRow(grid, row) {
      if (grid.$rows().index(row) == 0) {

   function quotes_onRowDataBound(e) {
        var grid = $(this).data('tGrid');
        expandFirstRow(grid, e.row);

And SearchQuoteController has this code.

    public ActionResult SearchQuote_QuotesForHierarchyAjax(int quoteid)
       List<QuoteLineSummaryDM> sublist = new List<QuoteLineSummaryDM>();

       QuoteLineSummaryDM a = new QuoteLineSummaryDM();
         a.PositionCode =  "50";
         a.Group = "1";

       QuoteLineSummaryDM b = new QuoteLineSummaryDM();
         b.PositionCode =  "40";
         b.Group = "2";

         var qrows = (from r in sublist
                      select r).AsQueryable();

         return View(new GridModel(qrows));

What am I missing? My version is even simpler than the demo. Any ideas?


I found another grid that does what I want to do. It's called jqGrid

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