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i have a Problem using FTP connection on Android 2.2 devices.

My app uses AndFTP via intent and loads data from a FTP Server connected via Wifi to the handset.

The FTP downloadspeed is only 7kByte/s.

I had the same speed on my Windows XP Notebook, then i changed the delayed acknowledge setting. So now my Notebook reaches 300kbyte/s but i dont know how to adjust the Settings in Android / Linux based OS Systems.

Does anyone know about this latency problems?

Best regards, Rotesmofa

Edit: now i finaly found the SocketOptions for my problem but how to set no_delay? Can i set this in my App or do i have to set it on every device with a terminal tool? Link to the SocketDescription: link text

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Okay so for anyone which encounters the same problem look at the specific solutions for your platform for delayed acknowledges. Some more explanations can be found here http://www.stuartcheshire.org/papers/NagleDelayedAck/

Use a specific fix and the speed will return to normal.

Best regards, Rotesmofa

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