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I have an pojo like this:

public class LocationPoint {

    protected double la;
    protected double lo;

    public double getLat() {
        return la;

    public void setLat(double value) { = value;

    public double getLong() {
        return lo;

    public void setLong(double value) {
        this.lo = value;


The scenario: After doing something on a MapView activity I get back to the activity that called id

if (resultCode == RESULT_OK) {

                    int latitude = data.getIntExtra("Latitude", 0); 
                    int longitude = data.getIntExtra("Longitude", 0);

                    if (latitude!=0 && longitude!=0)
                                                                                                                                                   LocationPoint p = new LocationPoint();
                        p.setLat((double) latitude);
                        p.setLong((double) longitude);

The int latitude = 43802334 and int longitude = 24825592 The converted values in p are: 4.3802334E7 and 2.4825592E7

I want the double value to be without E7, because the web service throws an error because of it. I am doing something wrong and can't understan why. Can you give an advice ? Thanks

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Never mind, I just had to send from map intent the latitude and longitude as double and as clikcedLocation.getLatidudeE6 / 1E6

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