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I'd like to track an id in the route if it's possible? This is pretty much what I want:

/groups/{id} - Show group
/groups/{id}/forum/topic/{id} - Show forum topics for the group
/groups/{id]/calendar/ - Show the calendar for the group

As you see I want to keep track of what group the user is in by the url, instead of let's say a cookie.


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Have you defined {id} in your routes, e.g.:

    new { controller = "Forum", action = "Topic" });

And into your controller:

public class ForumController : Controller
    public ActionResult Topic(int id, int topicId)


It's not really clear how you want to track it....

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I'm completely new to mvc so perhaps I should have studied some more before asking. It seems all I need to do is that when I create a link I keep passing the groupid (first {id} above). Now I'm just wondering how I can get the groupid within a view, to pass it on to for example ActionLink. –  ZNS Oct 18 '10 at 14:17

This would work as long as all the possible Urls are generated with the Id. For these routes, you can access the {id} using the following:

int id = int.Parse(RouteData.Values["id"].ToString());

It may be cumbersome to ensure every link on each page contained the Id. No static Urls would be allowed. For example, if the user clicked to the homepage or to /about, the Id would be lost.

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