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I have a question. How long time does it takes to read a 2 mb file, which is fragmented in 2?

If the rotational delay is 4300 rpm And the seektime is 10 ms the transfer time is 10 mb/s and the controller overhead is 0,5 ms.

My calculation is:

2*(10 ms + 7 ms (<-rotational delay) + 0,5 ms + 200 ms (<-transfer time))

Is this the right answer or have I done something wrong?

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Wow, in real world we just use a high-resolution clock to measure how long it actually takes. – sharptooth Oct 18 '10 at 9:47
What about various caches between the file on disk and the read function? – mouviciel Oct 18 '10 at 9:49

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Disk Access Time = Seek time + Rotational Latency + Transfer time + Controller Time + Queueing Delay(if any)

So, get back to your book and find the correct answer.

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