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I'm new to QT and the IDE is driving me insane. I've hit this problem now and It won't go away. If I load up QT Develop and edit a file, it stars it to let me know it needs saving. If I then try to save it it warns me that the file is read only, offering me the option of "Make Writeable" why it thinks it is read only I have no idea. It seems writeable to me before I load up QT Develop - I am not using source control or anything else. I rebooted my machine etc the problem still exists. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

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If the files you are editing are read only in the filesystem, then they will be read only in the IDE as well.

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I'm using Windows 7. Probably should have mentioned that. When I right clicked on files they had the little shield to show that permissions were required to rename or delete the files. No idea why that was the case. I copied them all and deleted the originals and now I'm gold.

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Can you please check permissions of directory where you are saving?

If your dir is work

do - $ ls -l work $ ls -l work/yourfile

On Unix machines, it may be a case like you copied file from one user to another

like /home/guest to /home/workgroup


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