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Recently my ISP added imap functionality to my webserver. After the installation they recompiled PHP. But the hostingclients on my server are including from a specific hostingaccount on the server. By adding an extra include_path to the CMS folder the websites are able to communicate with the CMS and database. The strange thing is that after recompiling PHP the 'client-accounts' can't include my CMS files anymore. I'm prompted with the traditional error 'failed to open stream'.

I've tried to add the includepath in the php.ini, but as i expected without any result. Do you have any idea why the include_path is getting ignored/excluded/overruled? Are there perhaps other settings in php.ini which need to be set?

P.s. my server is configured without suPHP (I've been told by my ISP).

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Hard to answer without hard data. What does a echo get_include_path(); return? Can you show an isolated example of something you are trying to include? – Pekka 웃 Oct 18 '10 at 10:44
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It's solved by the ISP now. Open basedir restrections were the problem. I turned them off and now it works again :)

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