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I have a web site in php. Here I have uploaded image with size 1 MB. It's uploaded in the server successfully. But it's not displaying. I have enabled the read write permission to the folder, which contains images. While uploading smaller size it's working fine. But in the case of larger image (greater than 1 MB) it's not working. I have checked my php info. There the file upload maximum size is 25 MB. So what could be the problem here?

All help is appreciated.

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Basic debugging first. What does the image's source look like when it's not displaying? I'll bet a beer it contains a "memory limit exhausted" error message. For help on that, see… – Pekka 웃 Oct 18 '10 at 10:31

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Cases why this might happen:

1-Some web hosts include header or footer code when the output being served is greater than a certain limit. They usually use this for analytic purposes. See if you can remove these headers/footers or, if you are using readfile() from php, give a direct link to the browser instead.

2-Check the file size of the uploaded image, sometimes the upload gets cut off and no error message is given.

Also, an example link would have helped

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My file uploaded in the server. But not displaying. I have checked the file property of that uploaded image. there the read permission is not checked. I have already given the 777 permission to the folder which contains the images.It's only in the case of larger image (greater than 1 Mb ). Does any one help me ... – Testadmin Oct 19 '10 at 4:13

Try looking at please make sure the value of more than 1mb :)

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