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Take the following code for example;

    if (Convert.ToString(frm.WindowState) == "Minimized")
        Layout.WindowState = "Maximized";
        Layout.WindowState = Convert.ToString(frm.WindowState);

We are analysing the string definition of the window state, i.e. "Minimized".

Would this string description change between cultures?

Lastly, whilst on this code, is there an Enum which we could use in order to check against the window state?

Can we refactor this code segment?

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The WindowState value is an enumeration - System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState. Just compare to the enumeration constants, skip the ToString() madness.

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Thanks, we will adopt your suggestions and do away with the .ToString() mumbo jumbo. –  Helios Dec 28 '08 at 8:04

It shouldn't change across culture, since it's merely turning the Enum name into string. Enum name doesn't change when you use different culture of .Net/Windows/IDE, thus it will remain as what it was originally written.

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WindowState is an enumeration.

I suggest using a good IDE (Visual Studio f.e) which will make similar details obvious.


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