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I have a Tomcat running as a Windows Service, and those are known not to work well with jstack. jconsole is working well, on the other hand, and I can see stacks of individual threads (I'm connecting to "localhost:port" to access it).

How can I use jconsole or a similar tool to dump all the thread stacks into a file? (similar to jstack)

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You can use the ThreadMXBean management interface.

This FullThreadDump class demonstrates the capability to get a full thread dump and also detect deadlock remotely using JMX.

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Here's another code sample that will write a stack dump to a file:

We use this over JMX to give us an approximation of the stack dump you get when you make a JMX request or if the process detects high, unexpected load.

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Nowadays you can use jvisualvm tool to connect to your remote JVM through JMX and create a thread dump. Don't know if this was available

Java VisualVM

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It's incredibly slow :( – Vladimir Filipchenko Nov 27 '15 at 6:29

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