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I have created a simple animation using jQuery and the mouseenter / mouseleave. It works fine in IE7, FF, Opera, Chrome and safari.

however, something is wrong in IE7 - nothing happens at all - I can't even get alert boxes to pop up.

Could somebody please take a look at my code and tell me what I am doing wrong before I pull my hair out.

The offending page can be viewed at - its part of a joomla install, hence bloated code.

Thanks a lot


enter code here$('a.panelImage').parent().addClass('panel');      

 var numberLinks = $('a.panelImage').length;

 for (var j=0; j<numberLinks; j++){

var currentLink = $('a.panelImage').eq(j);          

$('<div class="fred"></div>').insertAfter(currentLink);

var gtr=(currentLink.position().left)+'px';

 $(currentLink).next().css({ // ie div.fred
    'background-position':'0 0',


 $('div.panel').mouseenter(function () {

       height: '138px', 
       width: '184px' 
    }, 500)     
.mouseleave(function () { 
       'width': '0px', 
       'height': '0px' 
    }, 500); 
}); //end function 
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The evil Microsoft Comma has got you !!


,,,,,,, they are coming to own us ! , , commas everywhere, they are here to make programmers mad ! ,,,

a trailing comma within an object literal is a bad bad thing.. ,,,

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+1 for the passion – NG. Oct 18 '10 at 13:11
thanks - blooming thing! Though i suppose its right really! Thanks for the pointer - much appreciated – maxelcat Oct 18 '10 at 15:44

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