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Expected: I need to get values coming from the dataset to put them in the header.

I've done some work around: -Create textboxs in the body area, populate them with the correct values coming from dataset. Get the values from the Header like this: ReportItems!txtFromBody.Value

No luck! The header is filled out with the correct information in the last page only.

I thought maybe I can use parameters, not sure at this point. Need some help!!

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Yes you can use parameter for header. enter image description here

Now add parameter

// Add Parameter 
            List<ReportParameter> parameters = new List<ReportParameter>();
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("AccountName", accountName));
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("AccountCode", "Account Code: " + accountCode));
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("UnitName", unitName.ToUpper()));
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("UnitAddress", unitAddress.ToUpper()));
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("Title", "Schedule"));
            parameters.Add(new ReportParameter("Date", dateVal));
            ReportViewer1.ShowParameterPrompts = false;
            ReportViewer1.ShowPromptAreaButton = false;
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Not sure which version you are using. In VS2010, you can bind data to header without problem.

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