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I've usually designed Flex applications myself but this time I'll need a designer to assist with skinning the application. I've worked with this designer for a while, and we could work well on an HTML/CSS environment. He can't code, he sends me sliced PSDs which I could convert to clean code. But I'm not sure how to have him assist me with Flex UI as he's not familiar with the components.

How do you guys interface with designers for your applications?

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Have you looked at Flash Catalyst? Either you, or he, can take the Photoshop files and use that to turn into "Flex Stuff" which you can then import into Flash Builder.

You can also take his sliced assets (pngs, jpgs) for buttons, and other controls, then embed them inside the Flex app .

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this is what the designers role is, thats it, we also do the same thing, we get the png and other well designed stuff from designers, then it our role to convert them in to skins, suppose i'll get four images for a btn as up-skin, over-skin, down-skin and disabled-skin, now it my duty to use it in flex

tc, hav a gr8 time

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