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I am using request reply model of NServiceBUs for one of my project.There is a self hosted service bus listening for a request message and reply back with a request message. So in WCF message code i have coded like

// sent the message to bus.
var synchronousMessageSent = 
    this._bus.Send(destinationQueueName, requestMessage)
        (AsyncCallback)delegate(IAsyncResult ar)
             // process the response from the message.
             NServiceBus.CompletionResult completionResult = ar.AsyncState as NServiceBus.CompletionResult;
             if (completionResult != null)
                 // set the response messages.
                 response = completionResult.Messages;

       // block the current thread.
       return response;

The destinaton que will sent the reply. I am getting the resault one or tweo times afetr that the reply is not coming to the client. Am i doing anything wrong

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Consider this:… – mynkow Oct 18 '10 at 18:31

Why are you trying to turn an a-synchronous framework into a synchronous one? There is a fundamental flaw with what you are trying to do.

You should take a long hard look at your design and appreciate the benefits of a-sync calls. The fact that you are doing

// block the current thread.

Is highly concerning. What are you trying to achieve with this? Design your system based on a-synchronous messaging communication and you will have a MUCH better system. Otherwise you might as well just use some kind of blocking tcp/ip sockets.

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