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I need to produce an invoice-like document using XSL-FO. On the first page of the document, I want to display a simple and short summary table, after which I should display footnotes. If the footnotes could not all be displayed on the first page (which will happen), I want the footnotes to continue displaying on the next pages.

Problem is, on the next pages, there is detailed information about the content of the first page, and I cannot manually break after a specific footnote, because all my content is auto-generated.

Any way to achieve that?

[Edit:] So I found out that I could use footnote elements exactly for footnotes, but I shouldn't use it for stuff that spans across multiple pages.

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FOP crashes if you have more footnotes than you can fit on a page.

The simple solution to my problem is to make sure I always have enough space to fit footnotes through, by adding an extra blank page as a safety so my footnotes can flow freely.

I'm pretty sure there's a more elegant solution out there, but for my needs it's simpler to add a page there and delete it manually if I need to later on.

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