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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to retrieve a copy of the fax that was sent using the RFCOMAPILib?

I am able to send faxes easily, but a new requirement has come up that the fax that was sent be viewable to the users. Currently I log the handle of the fax object and use that to retrieve status updates.


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Here is a sample of how to do so:

// add using statements
using RFCOMAPILib;
// Do some stuff here if needed...

// initialize your fax server api faxAPI = new RFCOMAPILib.FaxServer();
// you can set this in the .config files if need be. faxAPI.ServerName = "[YourFaxServerHere]"; faxAPI.Protocol = RFCOMAPILib.CommunicationProtocolType.cpSecTCPIP;
// since i am working with multiple users, i iterated through the users and retrieved their // respective passwords (encrypted of course) but you can insert the string value here or // set it in the .config file. faxAPI.AuthorizationUserID = "[UserNameYouAreRetrievingImageFor]"; faxAPI.AuthorizationUserPassword = "[UserPassword]"; faxAPI.UseNTAuthentication = RFCOMAPILib.BoolType.False;
// Do some stuff here if needed...

// initialize fax object RFCOMAPILib.Fax rfFax = (RFCOMAPILib.Fax)faxAPI.get_Fax([FaxHandleAsIntValueHere])

Hope this works for you!

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