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Can you provide a simple example or a link to a simple example.

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It's not entirely clear from your question what you are trying to accomplish. There is no way to include the headers directly in any meaningful way in a C# project. C# doesn't use header files and compiles to IL.

Here is a link describing the various interop methods between managed and unmanaged code if you are seeking to consume e.g. an unmanaged library in C#. A search for PInvoke will turn up more references.

Edit: Better link to an SO post with more info

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You can't.

You need to manually port the structs to C# structs with attributes.

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There is no C# version of a macro from C++ or C. You'll need to make actual methods in C# to do the same operations.

The structs will need to be ported to C# struct types, as well. You cannot include a C or C++ header file into a C# program directly.

The methods that use the structs from the C or C++ DLL can be called from C#, if required, via Platform Invocation.

For details, see the MSDN Section on Consuming Unmanaged DLL Functions.

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