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I'm running a query in MYSQL using LEFT JOIN to get users and their user groups. Both tables have columns named id. My result is being returned in an array (PHP) so that I have one array with all field data, but also only one array["id"].

Here's my query so far:

SELECT, FROM users usr LEFT JOIN (user_groups usg) ON (

Now the easy solution would be to rename the fields to unique names like usr_id and usg_id but I prefer not to. I would much rather have my values returned to the array as array[""] automatically.

(I'm using the CodeIgniter framework which automatically does the rest, but I could rewrite some stuff there if only MySQL could return the table alias with it)

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2 Answers 2

use the 'as' keyword

select as table1Id, as table2Id
from table1
join table2
on somecondition
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I know that's a solution, but I forgot to mention I'd like to avoid that, so it goes automatically – Jürgen Oct 18 '10 at 16:35

just tell mysql that you want to do an on the fly rename using "as 'newname'"

SELECT as 'user_id', FROM users usr LEFT JOIN (user_groups usg) ON (

or using doctrine itself do it DQR style:

$resultArray = Doctrine_Query::create()
                        ->from('users usr')
                        ->leftJoin('usr.user_groups usg')

this should return an array where you can access both id's like that:

$resultArr['id']; //for accessing the

and eiter one of these both depending on the association you made between users and user_groups

$resultArr['user_groups']['id']; //for accessing the if it is one to one
$resultArr['user_groups'][0]['id']; //for accessing the if it is a one to many
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this actually depends how you made the associations between users and user_groups – ITroubs Oct 18 '10 at 17:06

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