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I have a question regarding development for Ipad.

Is there an advantage to develop an application with iOS over using a regular development for web application that can be opened in the browser?

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adobe just released a study here

it details which apps users expect to be apps and which they expect to be web based

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Depends on what you want to do in the application. iOS has numerous features that are not available in a web browser including using integrated hardware (accelerometer, mic,camera) and a lot of built in forms and widgets in the sdk that just don't really exist for web dev.

That said there a lot of features that you could easily provide via a webpage. Really use case and feature set will help determine what is best for your needs.

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Of course there are many advantages, but that doesn't mean you should always develop an iOS native application. Examples where you will take advantage of a full iOS native application:

  1. A game using OpenGL ES (can't do it on the WEB)
  2. UI taking advantage of Multitouch input
  3. Application that you can use offline
  4. Specialized hardware (GPS, accelerometer, camera {in the future?})

As most of the things in computer science, the best choice will depend on what you are trying to build/accomplish.

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