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How can I configure a Mercurial server to restrict commits to a named branch once it has been closed? I only want the repository administrator to have the ability to reopen the branch.

http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/PruningDeadBranches says that closed changesets can be identified by "close=1 in the changeset's extra field". It's not clear how to read a changeset's extra field using the Mercurial API.

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Damn right! It should be easier to stop people accidentally committing to closed branches. –  Rory May 11 '11 at 23:53
Everyone keeps saying "committing" but you mean "pushing". You'll never prevent a determined committer, you just reject their push. –  Ry4an Sep 18 '12 at 13:36

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There is an ACL extension that is distributed along with Mercurial. You should be able to specify the frozen branches by denying commit to every one except the administrator. I am not sure if named branches can leverage this facility.

Configuring acls:

frozen-branch = *

branch_name = admin
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A server can't restrict commits, but it can refuse to accept pushes that violate constraints. Here's a hook you can put on a server to reject any pushes that have any changesets that are on a closed branch:

for thenode in $(hg log -r $HG_NODE:tip --template '{node}\n') ; do
     if hg branches --closed | grep -q "^$(hg id --branch -r $thenode).*\(closed\)"  ; then
          echo Commits to closed branches are not allowed -- bad changeset $thenode
          exit 1

You'd install that hook like this:

prechangegroup = /path/to/that.sh

There's almost certainly a way to do it using in-python hooks with the API you referenced, but shell hooks work out pretty well too.

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Here's an in-process hook that should reject additional changesets on a closed branch.

from mercurial import context, ui
def run(ui, repo, node, **kwargs):
    ctx = repo[node]
    for rev in xrange(ctx.rev(), len(repo)):
        ctx = context.changectx(repo, rev)
        parent1 = ctx.parents()[0]
        if parent1 != None and parent1.extra().get('close'):
            ui.warn("Commit to closed branch is forbidden!\n")
            return True
    return False

The hook can run in pretxncommit mode (checked during a local commit transaction) or pretxnchangegroup mode (checked when changesets added from external repo) with the following hgrc entries:

pretxncommit.forbid_commit_closed_branch = python:/path/to/forbid_commit_closed_branch.py:run
pretxnchangegroup.forbid_commit_closed_branch = python:/path/to/forbid_commit_closed_branch.py:run

Not sure if this hook will work with Mercurial versions prior to 2.2.

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