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I'm trying to compile AS files using the mxmlc but the particular class depends on other classes. My command is something like this: mxmlc -includes classA classB -source-path=. com.example.com.classC.

This gave me classC.swf but when I loaded it, it was still looking for classA.swf and classB.swf. Is there anyway I can have just one swf file?


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Normally you'd put shared classes into a SWC; not a SWF. I think we'd have to see your code. How are you structuring your project? How are classA.swf and classB.swf created? How does classClook for classA and classB? –  JeffryHouser Oct 18 '10 at 18:59
It looks for classA and classB swfs via a static URL. It's similar to a plugin architecture where classC is the plugin manager. From a config file, it looks for classA and classB's swfs at a particular URL, and uses the Flex's Loader class. I'd like to internalize those swf files somehow. For the code, I'm using this: github.com/mediafront/osmplayer/tree/master/flash The root of the AS files can be found in the "com" dir. –  tteh Oct 18 '10 at 19:55

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I assume that classA and classB are .as files. In that case, you need not use -includes option at all - just import them to your main class (ClassC), as you'd normally do and compile using mxmlc com.example.ClassC from the folder that contains the com folder.

According to this page, -includes option is to specify a list of classes to the resulting application SWF file, whether or not those classes are required at compile time. Normally a class in the source path is compiled only if it is required - ie, only if it used by some other class that is being compiler. This option tells compiler to compile a class even if it is not used in any of your classes - may be to use getDefinitionByName to create instances of that class at runtime.

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It seemed to work but unfortunately, the way the code works, it's still expecting those other swf files instead of creating them manually. oh well. –  tteh Oct 19 '10 at 18:24

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