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So I have two pictures of the weirdness that is occuring alt text

As you can see in the picture above, the scroll bar on the right hand side is being cut off a little bit by the screen, and even when you scroll to the right, you don't get the bar back, it remains cut off.

Here is the other scenario: alt text

Here, you can see that when I scroll down in this grid, the scroll bar kind of fits into the bottom of the grid and doesn't even go all the way down. You need to manually click into the grid and hit the down arrow to get the rest of the way down.

What could be causing both of these weird issues?


Here is the code to generate the grid (Ext created through VB controls):

Dim VehicleOptionsGrid As New Akcelerant.Framework.WebControls.Grids.Grid
    With VehicleOptionsGrid
        .ID = "VehicleOptionsGrid"
        .Title = "Vehicle Options"
        .Toolbar.UseDefaultButtons = False        
        .Mode = Grids.Grid.GridMode.Control        
        .Panel.Border = False
        .Panel.Style = "border-width:1px;margin-bottom:5px"
        .Ref = "../../../../../VehicleOptionsGrid"
        .Editable = True
        With .Columns.Add("IsSelected", "Selection", Akcelerant.Framework.WebControls.Grids.Grid.ColumnDataType.Boolean)
            .Renderer = "renderVehicleCheckbox"
        End With
        .Columns.Add("CollateralId", "").Hidden = True
        .Columns.Add("OptionId", "OptionId").Hidden =True         
        .Columns.Add("OptionName", "Name").Width = 200
        .GridHeight = 400

        ViewResponse.AddScript("VehicleOptionsGrid.grid.addListener('cellclick', changeOptionStatus);")
    End With

Here is where we add the grid to the page:

With .AddPanel
                            With .AddPanel
                                .Title = ""
                                .Html = "Standard Options are preselected. Please select additional options as needed."
                                .Style = "padding-bottom:5px"
                            End With
                            .Ref = "../../../../VehicleOptionsPanel"
                            .Title = "Vehicle Options"
                            .Frame = True
                            .Style = "padding-bottom:5px"
                            .Layout = Pages.Panel.LayoutType.Column
                            .Height = 400
                            .Collapsed = True
                        End With
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Please post your grid config. It seems that the grid sizes are higher than the actual component that holds the grid (a collapsible panel perhaps). – Manny Calavera Oct 18 '10 at 20:03
Added the code that shows where the grid is created and added... – Scott Oct 18 '10 at 20:19
You were right, it was the grid as an answer and ill give you the check mark ;) thanks! – Scott Oct 18 '10 at 20:26

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It seems that the grid sizes are higher than the actual component that holds the grid (a collapsible panel).

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