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In ScrumToys web-application (NetBeans JSF 2.0 demo) the .jsf page is not renderend in internet-explorer (I see the page source as XML).
This works fine in 'proper' browsers, like Chrome and FireFox.

I'm using the ScrumToys demo app provided by NetBeans 6.9.1 (running on GlassFish 3) with absolutely no changes. I'm using Internet-explorer 8, accessing this url:

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I don't use Netbeans and I am not going to download it to check the one and other, but it's well known that IE has a problem with Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml. The output will be displayed as plain XML instead of rendered as HTML.

The symptoms which you describe match this issue. In order to fix it, the Content-Type of the page has to be text/html and the doctype has preferably to be <!DOCTYPE html>. If that was indeed the solution, then it honestly said astonishes me that the demo application was shipped like that.

See also:

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The problem was a missing Doctype declaration in their template.xhtml file. I'm astonished too. Am I betting on the wrong horse? (NetBeans, GlassFish3, EE 6, JSF 2.0) Should I be using something more stable for my apps? (JBoss? WebLogic? EE 5? Eclipse? JSF 1.2?) I was hoping to avoid the biolerplate code and XML spaghetti related to the older versions. – yshalbar Oct 19 '10 at 8:05
Well, the fault is actually in the demo application, not in Netbeans itself. Blame the developers of the demo applications. At its own, GF3, JEE6 and JSF2 are perfectly fine. Netbeans as being an IDE seems to be pretty decent as well. It's just all in the hands of the developer. – BalusC Oct 19 '10 at 11:30

A possible 'quick fix' is to add the following to your web.xml:

        <description>The default for this parameter is false. Fixes IE xhtml content-type restriction.</description>
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