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I have a property defined in one of my property files:

<entry key="build" default="0" type="int" operation="+" value="1" />

I read this property using:

<replacefilter token="@build@" property="build_num" />

Once this number gets bigger than 999, thousand separator commas start appearing, like this:


Is there a way to get rid of those commas? (I use build to generate a file name, and don't really want to see any commas in there).

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You can prevent thousand separators from being used by adding a pattern to the entry:

<entry key="build" default="0" type="int" operation="+" value="1" pattern="0" />

Note that you'll probably need to manually remove the commas one-time before running this - else your build numbers will reset, with the comma and subsequent digits being discarded. (So 1,325 -> 2 and 4,111 -> 5 and so on.)

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Thanks, that's a very neat way of solving my problem. –  Nikita Oct 19 '10 at 13:33


this ant task should do the trick

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Courtesy ping. Referenced you in my Answer. –  bvj Dec 24 '14 at 7:35

Figured ###0 would have worked, but it didn't. Since the project is already making extensive use of ant-contrib, it wasn't difficult to add the regex solution Aaron suggested.

<propertyregex property="build" input="${build}" regexp="," replace="" global="true" override="true"/>
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