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I am working on an assignment and have to create two classes, one represents a person, and the other representing a bridge. Only one person can be "crossing" the bridge at any one time, but there could be people waiting to cross

I easily implemented this with multi-threading allowing for multiple people to cross at once, but I am having issues when changing it to allow only one thread to run...

My main problem is the class design they want, I have to begin the threads within the person class, but the bridge class needs to be able to wait and notify them to start/stop

Any ideas how I can do this?

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You probably want to read up on wait and notify. There are tutorials with a google search.

But after you understand them a bit, you want to have the person objects call wait. Then you want the bridge object to call notify. When a person object returns from wait, it is their turn to cross (as I understand your problem.) When the person crosses, the bridge object would call notify again.

Make sure you synchronize correctly. The tutorials should help.

Read this question as well:

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Lock an object like this:


public class Bridge {
private Object _mutex = new Object();

    public void cross(Person p)
        synchronized(_mutex) { 
             // code goes here

That is one, probably the easiest, method..


even easier:

public class Bridge {
    public synchronized void cross(Person p)
        // code goes here
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Using a synchronized method seems to be the most elegant Java solution possible. The asker can see "Synchronized Methods" for a description of what all it does. It won't teach anyone much about semaphores or mutexes/conditions, but it's the instructor's own fault for selecting something as high-level as Java to teach something as low-level as synchronizing access between multiple threads. – Jeremy W. Sherman Oct 18 '10 at 23:10

I believe what the assignment is asking you to do is to use (or implement) a mutex for access to the shared resource, aka the bridge.

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Try java.util.concurrent:

This class wil produce an ExecutorService, where you can submit yout "Persons". And the Jobes are queued, one Person will cross at time.

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After reading yout post again, I'm not sure, if you can chachge your design, to you this Features. – Christian Kuetbach Oct 28 '10 at 9:34

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