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In Powershell - Say I want to delete line 5 from a 10 line text file using the line number, how is this done?

Thanks, Daniel

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Is there any unique content on line 5 of these files that we can key off of? Are the number of lines in each file all the same? Which version of Powershell are you able to use? – Russell McClure Oct 18 '10 at 22:57

Not as clean as I would like but does the trick:

$content = Get-Content foo.txt
$content | Foreach {$n=1}{if ($n++ -ne 5) {$_}} > foo.txt

If you have PSCX installed, you can use the Skip-Object cmdlet to make this a little nicer:

$content = Get-Content foo.txt
$content | Skip -Index 4 > foo.txt

Note that the -Index parameter is 0 based which is why I used 4 instead of 5.

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I know this is an older question, but this is how I do it in case anyone is reading this for reference:

(cat SomeFile.txt) -replace (cat SomeFile.txt)[4],"" | sc SomeFile.txt -Force

Or in a slightly more readable form:

$LineNumber = 5
$Contents = Get-Content Somefile.txt
$Contents -replace $Contents[$LineNumber -1],"" | Set-Content Somefile.txt

Although I agree with Keith. Skip-Object can be very useful if you have the PSCX module installed.

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