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Is there any way or best practice around device fingerprinting for a rails app? In other words. Given that all cookies are blocked, is there any way, with a relatively good degree of certainty, who the person is before they log in?

My assumption: IPs are unreliable for obvious reasons.

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We've setup device fingerprinting in our rails app using ThreatMetrix.com They are sort of expensive, but used by a number of large sites on the web and have built some good technology around this.

I have seen some Jquery open source released for this crop up: https://github.com/carlo/jquery-browser-fingerprint But have not tried it.

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Even if all cookies are blocked, javascript can pick up plenty of device attributes.

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Have you tried using Augur?! It allows you to get a fingerprint but also provides a unique "Device ID" that is not based on cookies, so even if someone clears cookies you get the same Device ID.

Best, -Paul

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