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I found the "always stop on error (dbstop if error)" to be very useful when I debug MATLAB code.
However, closing matlab also resets it to "Never stop if error"

How can I make this setting persist?

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This is the solution indeed - further digging in Mathworks brought up the exact details:

In the default folder typing

edit startup.m

And then writing

dbstop if error

Thanks Schroeder!

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After using your answer, I see that the other settings are listed under the "Stop if Errors/Warnings..." dialog in parens next to the option selected (e.g., dbstop if warning for the equivalent warning option). I.e., radio button, option, then command in parens. Thanks! – sage Apr 9 '13 at 19:40

You could use the startup.m file to recreate your settings at startup. See here for more details.

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