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Is there a way in any of the three major Windows Browsers (Firefox 3.6, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and soon 9) and ideally for Safari on Mac to 'record' my interactions with the Website?

By that I mean recording something like

  • Clicked Button 'btnSubmit'
  • Entered 'bla' in input 'txtSubject'

DOM Interactions that is. I'm guessing I could have a global mousedown/keydown handler, but I want it to work on any website.

I need to get a 'textual' representation - can be anything, but I need to send it to a webservice and process it there, so I need some raw data to work with.

I only need it for one (Windows) Browser, but some pointers for each one would be appreciated.

Bonus Points if I can start/stop recording from another process (running on the same PC in the same session as the user) that communicates with my extension.

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You can do this with Selenium IDE in Firefox

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In Firefox, you can use iMacros.

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