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I need to figure out the best method for setting up an email account and automatically reading and processing emails.

After some thought I want to check a POP account (Gmail) from my service. Are there any libraries/built in stuff I can use to do this?

Free > Not Free.

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Need more specifics. Do you want a dedicated email account that you mantain? If not, you could just write a service that checks an external POP server and sends mail through an external SMTP server. –  Jeff Oct 19 '10 at 4:15

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Strictly speaking, you don't need IIS in the mix. You only need IIS (or your own POP/SMTP server) if you actually need management of the mail account you want to interact with at the server level.

You could certainly just write a windows service that uses SmtpClient (built into .NET) to send out emails to your external SMTP server:


And to check emails, you could use a POP client. I've used aspnetpop3 and it's ok, but you can certainly find some other (free) resources for checking POP mailboxes:


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That sounds like a much better plan. –  Blankasaurus Oct 19 '10 at 4:22

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