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How do I find the minimum and maximum of the axis in a MATLAB plot?

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Here's how you can do it for the current axes (i.e. gca):

xLimits = get(gca,'XLim');  %# Get the range of the x axis
yLimits = get(gca,'YLim');  %# Get the range of the y axis
zLimits = get(gca,'ZLim');  %# Get the range of the z axis

Each variable above will be a 1-by-2 array containing the minimum and maximum values for the respective axis. You can check the documentation on axes properties for more information.

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If you mind going the properties way use

xlim ylim or zlim to retrieve min and max value or

xlim([minValue maxValue]) to set the limits.

See set or query axis limits for additional parameters.

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