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i use webflow in a my grails application, i have 2 tables with relation ManyToMany in hibernate mode. this relation as u know, creates a table with 2 primary keys of the original tables, both be the primary key of the third table.

my tables are destination and destinationGroup.

i write a select statement with dynamic finders to have a list of destnation group that has specific destination. i try these ways and no effect for any one: 1-

def DestinationInstance = Destination.get(params.destination)
   flow.DestinationGroupList  = DestinationGroup.executeQuery("select distinct,d.description from DestinationGroup d where d.destinations = :p",[p:DestinationInstance])


def DestinationInstance = Destination.get(params.destination)
flow.destinationGroupList = DestinationGroup.findAllWhere(Destinations:destinationInstance)


def DestinationInstance = Destination.get(params.destination)
   flow.destinationGroupList = DestinationGroup.findAll("from DestinationGroup as d where  d.destinations =:p", [p:destinationInstance]


these 3 statement has no effect, if there is any why for solving this problem please till me about it. thanks

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If leebutts' answer worked for you, you should Accept it by clicking the check-mark next to his answer. – Rob Hruska Oct 19 '10 at 13:51
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Have you tried a Criteria query?

def c = DestinationGroup.createCriteria()
flow.destinationGroupList = c.list{
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thanks it works fine – mbayloon Oct 19 '10 at 7:30

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