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I have installed MySQL .NET data provider 5.2 (through it's installer) but I could not see the MySQL data provider in Data Source dialog of Database Explorer.

I am using VS 2008 Express edition. Do you have any clues ?

Regards, Jatan

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VS 2008 Express (and VS 2005 Express too) doesn't allow you to use MySQL .Net Provider through the Data Source Dialog. The non-Express edition allow you to do the same.

To use MySQL in VS Express, you will have to include a reference to the MySQL DLLs from the location where you installed the Provider (most probably C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net x.x.x). Or copy the DLLs from the same location to the Bin folder of your project.

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I do not think you can use MySQL in .NET that way, it is meant as a native .NET library for MySQL, so you will have to do things code-wise.

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I could do that in VS 2005 –  jatanp Dec 28 '08 at 20:06

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