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There is no new Groovy Unit Test built into NetBeans. And if I create one manually, I can't get it to run in NetBeans.

Is it not implemented, or is there something wrong with my installation?

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I had the same problem. After I looked into it, it's fairly easy to add unit testing for groovy-testcases via a custom ant-target. No additional java code or anything needed. I wrote it up at my blog software is insane

Hope that helps. - Philip

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It appears not to be implemented--I'm experiencing the same thing on Mac OS X, and haven't found any workarounds. I keep trying to give NetBeans a go, but I always seem to run into something and fall back to Eclipse.

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It should definitely be implemented had a quick Google and found this post NetBeans testing with Groovy which is quite old so you would have thought the kinks would have been worked out by now. However there are two outstanding bugs in netbeans for groovy testing 152937 and 151052.

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If you build your project with Maven, Groovy test cases shall be automatically ran in NetBeans by the time you build. It's also possible to run the unit tests only (ALT+F6) and check the results in JUnit's panel.

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