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I've got Devise working in my Rails app but I can't figure out how to now lock it down so a user can only edit their own record in the users table AND in tables belonging to the user.

What am I missing here? Is this done in the controller or the model?

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I would create a helper in application_controller for current_user and remove the use of User.find

The simplest way of creating an authorization is with a boolean flag (admin true/false). For other simple solutions are cancan, as mentioned by Yannis or easy_roles KISS is recommend to start with. You may implement the edit action like this

def edit
 if current_user.is_admin?


def current_user

To limit access by the user, like a user having his/hers own tasks, do this.

def index
  @tasks = current_user.tasks
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Thanks, that's great. – Galen King Oct 19 '10 at 9:18

Devise is an authentication solution. You now need an authorization system. Have a look to Ryan Bates CanCan (github, railscasts).

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Ah, I was wondering about that. Thanks. – Galen King Oct 19 '10 at 9:19

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