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We need a datetime picker that should be configurable to restrict the choice of certain dates (in the past, for example). Optionally it should restrict hours in the past.

Note that we've tried a lot of datetime picker components but they didn't have the restriction option. Note also that this plugin has minDate, but it does not support time picking.

Also, it should be fairly new - i.e. working on 1.4.2.

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take a look at Zebra_Datepicker, a highly configurable datepicker jQuery plugin which offers a very intuitive mechanism for disabling dates and date ranges using a syntax similar to cron‘s syntax, and also makes it easy to make past-only or future-only date pickers.

// future-only, starting tomorrow
  direction: 1    

// past-only, ending today
  direction: false    

// future only starting today
// weekends are disabled
  direction: true,
  disabled_dates: ['* * * 0,6']    
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check this out:

if you combine the time field with up/down arrows there with the jQuery UI datepicker, it might just do the thing for you

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