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I'm currently trying to create a view in MVC2 which includes a checkbox in each row. This will be a "mark" box, and there will be a button on the view which can then be used for multiple deletion.

I have a model which contains a list of the objects being listed, so I have some code which reads as:-

<% foreach (CancelledCard item in Model.CancelledCards) { %>

I've then tried to use

<%: Html.CheckBoxFor(item >= item.Checked) %>

but I'm getting an error.

What am I missing? What's the right way to do this in MVC2?

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In C# a lambda expression uses => and not >=:

<%: Html.CheckBoxFor(item => item.Checked) %>

Also instead of saying that you get an error, you could have posted the error message. It would have been much more clear.

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D'oh! Should have spotted that. – Tim Almond Nov 12 '10 at 9:02
<%: Html.CheckBoxFor(item >= item.Checked) %>

is wrong. It should be:

<%: Html.CheckBoxFor(item => item.Checked) %>
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