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When I develop with the server on my workstation I can use XDebug from my IDE and debug variables, etc.

Many times the server is on a remote machine where I have only SSH, so I only edit with vi. In that case is there a way to use XDebug? Is there a client I could use from terminal?

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You can use X forwarding with ssh, if allowed at the server end (see the ForwardX11Trusted directive for the server's ssh configuration file). On your client you would start ssh using the -X argument to allow X forwarding. This requires the client to support X (e.g. if your local machine is running Linux, OS X, etc...)

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Sounds like something that could actually work, but it's not practical at all. I'll wait a few days before marking it accepted. Thanks :) –  Kay Pale Oct 20 '10 at 8:22

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