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I put a browser in my jsp page, and when I select the file via the browser and I'm doing a System.outn select the file path, I only have the name, and I need to recover all the file path selected

<form:form onsubmit="document.getElementById('idButton').value='Traîtement en cours ...'" action="ajouter.html"

                <input type="file" name="cible">

                <input type="submit" id="idButton" name="ajouter" value="Ajouter" tabindex="50"/>



 String leChemin = (String) request.getParameter("cible");
 System.out.println("leChemin = " + leChemin);
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You cannot do this, for security reasons, file path from clients are not shown. But if really need to get the path, do not rely on the browser use applet.

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The path would be useless for you, none the less. Moreover, as a privacy concern, its not really a good idea to know the path at client's machine.

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