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I found out the javascript test function has a strange behaviour in my code.

  1. I defined a match string variable in the first line of my widget.

var emailPatt=/@(tomtom|stream).com/ig;

  1. And then i use it in my function
 var me=this;


if(emailPatt.test( //Search the regualr expres between string { alert("test works");"evt_loginFormSubmitRequest", eo); new YAHOO.util.Anim("rn_" + this.instanceID + "Content", { opacity: { to: 0 } }, 0.5, YAHOO.util.Easing.easeOut).animate(); YAHOO.util.Dom.addClass("rn" + this.instanceID, 'rn_ContentLoading');

       //since this form is submitted by script, force ie to do auto_complete
        if( > 0)
        if(window.external && "AutoCompleteSaveForm" in window.external)
            var form = document.getElementById("rn_" + this.instanceID + "_Form");
        return false;

    else if(!emailPatt.test(
       // alert ("not tomtom email address");
        me._onLoginResponse("evt_loginFormSubmitResponse", [{
        w_id : eo.w_id,
        result : 0,
        message : RightNow.Interface.getMessage('EMAIL_IS_NOT_VALID_MSG')


So, the funny thing is here. The first alert(emailPatt.test(; return true, the if(emailPatt.test( //Search the regualr expres between string return false,

The else if section , return true.

Anyone knows why it happens like that.

Thank you

Regards, Qing

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The code in the question is not syntactically valid. Can you post the working code? – Jon Cram Oct 19 '10 at 19:11
Sorry Jon, That is our CRM syntacitcally – QLiu Nov 1 '10 at 11:29

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