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Hey there I've been trying to compile the latest Qt 4.x but it does not include some of the X11 header files that my application needs. I have also tried to compile the 4.3.x (under mac os x 10.5)version of Qt to include the x11 libraries but the compilation fails.Any one else having problems with the Qt X11 packages for Mac OSx

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Qt on MacOSX does not use X11. If you are using some X11-specific code, you will probably have to port it to MacOSX API.

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I'm not sure but I think there is a X11 SDK. It might be installed with Xcode, or optional when installing Xcode. Link

Edit: Yes, it looks like you need to custom install it. Yuo should find it on your Xcode DVD

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Yes. I installed qt 4.3.x with the dmg-installer. This tells me, that all is done. I can find the headers but not the library it self.

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