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it's possible to return, from a method, an anonymous type list?

I build my list of anonymous type like this

var l = (new[] { new { Name = "thename", Age = 30 } }).ToList();


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It is possible if you return list that was cast to object, but it is useless. Consider creating class with corresponding fields instead of anonymous class.

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It is possible, at a pinch, it's rather humourously called 'mumbling'.

This involves passing in a prototype of your anonymous type as a generic variable. Remembering that two anonymous types are considered to be the same type if they have the same named/typed properties in the same order.

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Working with C# Anonymous Types

This is what you need

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I have write this method:

List<T> Cast<T>(object o, T type)
  return (List<T>)o;

and the method that should return a anonymous type list, now return an object and I cast, with Cast<T> method, to what I need.

It is a tricky method, but is does what I need for now.

thanks to all

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From Creating a list of Anonymous Type in VB, a quote from JaredPar:

Here's a handy method for creating a list of an anonymous type from a single anonymous type.

Public Function CreateListFromSingle(Of T)(ByVal p1 As T) As List(Of T)
  Dim list As New List(Of T)
  return List
End Function

Now you can just do the following

Dim list = CreateListFromSingle(dsResource)

There's some more discussion about the topic in the original post.

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