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i have the following schema loaded into an xmlSchema :

<xs:import schemaLocation="\_1.xsd" namespace="http://tempuri.org/" />

i want to retrive the string "_1.xsd"

how do i reach the schemaLocation value from XmlSchema API ? will schemaSet work better ?


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i finally used this :

schema.Includes[0] as XmlSchemaImport;
var wsdlId = schemaImport.SchemaLocation;
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using System.Xml.Schema;
using System.IO;
using System.Reflection;

This should work, might throw some errors, as I didnt compile it in an IDE as im not on a Dev machine atm.

string xsd = "example.xsd";

FileStream fs;
XmlSchema schema;

fs = new FileStream(xsd, FileMode.Open);
schema = XmlSchema.Read(fs, new ValidationEventHandler(ShowCompileError));

foreach (XmlSchemaObject externalSchema in schema.Includes)
    string schemaLoc = (XmlSchemaExternal)externalSchema.SchemaLocation.ToString();
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